The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a project and piece of art, initiated in 2016 by Mattijs van Bergen, Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan and Oeri van WoezikIn. The dress features the flags of all countries where homosexuality is punished by law, possibly by death. Whenever a country changes their laws and homosexuality is no longer seen as a threat, the flag of that country will be replaced with a rainbow flag. The ultimate goal is to have one big rainbow dress, meaning that queer people can live without fear throughout the world.

Esch-sur-Alzette, located in the south of Luxembourg, is the European Capital of culture 2022 under the slogan “Remix Cultures” and is the home city of the Luxembourg Pride. The name Esch dates to 1328 and has remained a relatively small town until the 1820-30s when the metal industry settled in the region. The soil contains a lot of iron, giving it the typical red color and the name “Terres Rouges” or “Red Lands”. Esch quickly became the 2nd biggest city of Luxembourg and attracted many foreigners and today, the city counts 110 different nationalities. The city has suffered greatly the last 100 years: the cruelty of both world wars and the fall of the steel industry in the 1970s have caused severe economic damage to the region. Despite these setbacks, Esch has never given up its fight.

Due to its long history of social and economic struggle, its diverse cultures and Esch being the center of innovation and progress, it offers the perfect setting to display the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress. The LGBTIQ+ community is characterized by social struggles, our fight for equality and the right to be who we are as it is a human right.

LGBTIQ+ people have been marginalized for centuries and are often still a victim to social hate and crimes. With this year’s Commemoration Ceremony, we want to continue our tradition to honour those people who weren’t as fortunate as we are and show them our respect for the path that they freed for us. As usual, the ceremony will take place at the national Monument of Resistance in Esch. However, in the light of the cultural year in Esch-sur-Alzette, we want to go the extra mile and include the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress as a symbol of our fight for the future and to be the voice for the voiceless. Not only will you be able to admire this magnificent piece of art, we are also blessed with a live performance of Edsun who will be wearing the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress. So for the first time in the History of this art piece, a person will sing for a live audience. Make sure you don’t miss this historical moment to officially open the Luxembourg Pride Week!

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will be displayed during the Pride Week in the Pride Headquarters.


The artists


EDSUN is the not to be missed artist from Luxembourg, who creates alternative R&B with electronic, pop and hip-hop influences. His musical style is unique in the Luxembourg scene and has been steadily developing since the release of his first EP N.O. By incorporating contemporary dance into his performances, EDSUN aims to be intriguing and off limits. In December 2018, he won the Artist of the Year award at the debut of the Luxembourg Music Awards at the Rockhal, enabling him to perform a co-produced concert at the Rockhal Club on May 6th, 2022.

Instagram: @edsunmusic
Spotify: Edsun

Pit Reding

Pit is a self-taught, queer photographer from Luxembourg. Since 2020, Pit opened his own creative studio, characterized by a bold and colorful, yet intimate style with no boundaries. The goal: provide a platform to all people, regardless of their background. In June 2021, he shot a series of photos of Edsun in the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, which will be displayed during the Pride week.

Instagram: @rp.p._

Pride Headquarters