Equality March

A central element of a Pride has of course always been the Pride Parade. Since 2015, the stage programm at the street festival starts every year with the arrival of the parade at the town hall square in Esch-sur-Alzette. But what is the parade all about?

Since the beginning of the Pride movement in the aftermath of the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, Pride marches have been the channeling of the LGBTIQ+ community’s demands for acceptance and legal equality. The origin is basically political in nature. Thus, since the beginning of these marches, the demands of the community have been communicated to the public in the form of banners and signs by the participants. A Pride March is also about the visibility of a queer minority within society: while being „different“ was a taboo in social life and living out one’s sexual or gender identity was even punishable, queer culture only took place in secret. The Pride March puts faces to an anonymous mass and thus shares individual life stories. The message: come and show who you really are!

The Pride March is also a way for non-LGBTIQ+ people (so-called allys), organisations, parties and institutions to show their support and solidarity to the queer community and thus carry the concerns of LGBTIQ+ people into society at large.

To underline the political character of this march, the parade in Luxembourg has been held under the name Equality March since 2015.

What does the Equality March 2022 look like?

The Equality March will take place on a special scale on the occasion of the Capital of Culture programme around Esch2022. True to the motto „Remix Europe“, this year it will not start on Luxembourg soil, but on the French side. Together with our friends from Couleurs Gaies, we want to set a sign of unity across national borders. The Equality March as part of Luxembourg Pride will thus be the second cross-border Pride Parade in Europe after the World Pride Parade in Copenhagen.

How can I participate?

The Equality March is a demonstration of solidarity and rejection of hate and ignorance. We are therefore happy to welcome anyone who is interested in joining us.

It is possible to join either as a single private person, as an association, representation of a business or company or as an employee of public institutions. This can be either through a foot group or with your own float. However, the important thing is: the more colourful the better! So bring your rainbow flags, decorate your floats or make signs with your personal wishes and messages.

Important: Foot groups and/or floats from associations, parties, businesses, companies or institutions must register with us in advance so that we can determine an order and guarantee an orderly process.

Individuals or smaller groups of friends do not have to register and can spontaneously participate in the respective block.

You can register using the form below or via email.

When: 9 July 2022
Meeting Point: 13.30, tba (Esch-sur-Alzette)
Start: 14.00

More details will become available in the coming weeks.