Conference: Pride Unfiltered: Kink, Consent, and Political Visibility

When: Wednesday, 10 July 2024
Start: 19.00
Where: Rainbow Center, Luxembourg City

Join us for Pride Unfiltered: Kink, Consent, and Political Visibility, a provocative forum challenging the boundaries of Pride. With input from Jeff Mannes (sociologist and sex educator), the forum will delve into fetish theory and kink existence. Our guests will share their experiences in fetish/kink and perspectives on the contentious presence of kinksters at Pride events. Following their insights, we will facilitate an interactive Q&A session, opening the floor to audience curiosity.

Exhibition: Callibari

When the boundaries between artistic disciplines become blurred, creativity can fully flourish.

This exhibition of calligraphy, accompanied by an exclusive performance by the Callibari collective, is an ephemeral spectacle where beautiful writing and tight ligatures merge.

The Callibari collective combines the art of calligraphy with that of Shibari, the art of Japanese bondage.

The exhibition will be on display at the Rainbow Center, Luxembourg. 19 rue du St Esprit, from 29 June to 3 October 2024, and will feature half a dozen calligraphic works by the Callibari collective. The collective will also be presenting a Shibari performance on the opening day of the exhibition, 29 June at 19:00, followed by an introductory workshop in Shibari techniques.