Diva Storytelling 2022

Séraphine is not just a lady, she is a top class woman who has no trouble enchanting you with her beautiful voice and intoxicating stories.

With her readings, Séraphine takes you into a fairytale world that is even a little more enchanted than you are used to! She delights the audience with queer interpretations from Romeo and Juliet to Grimm’s fairy tales.

Seats are limited and the demand is great!

The Reading is in luxembourgish.

The 3 unfortunate androgynous siblings

The Scottish commanders BenSven and Bruno ride back to their king’s castle full of pride after a victorious battle. On the way home they encounter 3 unfortunate androgynous siblings who deeply confuse the 2 heroes with enigmatic prophecies. BenSven was even welcomed by the 3 unfortunate androgynous siblings as the future king. King? It had never crossed BenSven’s mind to ever be a sovereign. Yet now this prophecy awakens his lust for power and the thinking of the throne gives him no peace. BenSven and his husband decide to take their fate into their own hands – they devise a deadly plan … One of Shakespeare’s most famous stage plays retold by Séraphine Mirage. A story of imperiousness, betrayal and magic.

Séraphine Mirage

When: 6 July 2022, 19.00
Where: Pride Headquarters, Batiment IV, Esch-sur-Alzette