From GayMat to Pride

Already in 2018, the new Luxembourg Pride logo was added to the well-known GayMat logo. In 2019, for the 20th anniversary of the Pride, we gave ourselves a present and rebranded our GayMat!

Dignify old and welcome the new!

With this rebranding, we don’t mean that the „old name“ is boxed up, never to been seen again. Au contraire! The organizing team of the GAYMAT, which consists of both veterans and newcomers, is aware of the responsibility to set up an event of this size and to adhere to certain traditions.

The history of GAYMAT, where it came from and how it grew, will always be part of future editions. Be it in the form of exhibitions, as contributions in publications or as information boards during the street festival.

An event that strives to be attractive for its visitors, should also question itself on a regular basis to find out what no longer works, so room can be made for new ideas. The constant development of the society as well as every single visitor is the motivation for this rebranding.

So: a pride for everyone!

Furthermore, we find think that everyone no longer understands the name GAYMAT, which has been so familiar to all of us. The original name is nowadays pronounced completely in English. Young visitors or visitors who do not speak luxembourgish do not understand the original pun. More importantly, we are aware that the name does not live up to what our festival actually stands for: the inclusion of all minorities. We therefore take the opportunity to invite and involve everyone from the entire society with this rebranding. At the same time, it allows us to communicate more easily across the language barrier.

The GAYMAT or the LUXEMBOURG PRIDE only flourishes thanks to the many volunteers, a lot of work and passion as well as the active support of our sponsors. Would you like to help us to make the LUXEMBOURG PRIDE something big? Get in touch! Volunteers and sponsors are always welcome.

Traditionally, the LUXEMBOURG PRIDE takes place on the second weekend of July. So also this year. SAVE THE DATE!