Drag Bingo: Pride Edition!

When: Sunday, 11 July 2021, 19.00  Where: Café DaMa in Differdange

This is a CovidCheck event.
46! … 10! … 69! … Sounds like my ex’s phone number …
If you like drag and balls, you’ve come to the right place. The rules are simple, listen carefully as our queen spins the cage and fetches the balls. Tick each number on your card and be the first to have either a line, an L shape or a whole card. All you have to do is shout BINGO!
If you do that and your card is valid, you can be sure you will have a happy ending. There are lots of prizes to be won. Bingo cards can be purchased SOON in advance from our WebShop, please print them out and bring them with you.
Reserve your place at Café Dama or by calling 691 960 404. Donna, Rita and Séraphine are looking forward to seeing you!