Street Fest 2022

We are excited: after three years, a street festival will take place again this year! Following the exclusive livestreaming of the Pride in 2020 and the hybrid edition in 2021, the edition in 2022 will be something very special! This year’s edition will be dedicated to the official Capital of Culture programme around Esch2022.

The Street Fest, which has been the highlight of Luxembourg’s LGBTIQ+ Community since 1999, will again be held on two days this year: on Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 July 2022.

Of course, there will also be a parade: the Equality March, which has been part of the Luxembourg Pride programme since 2015, will take place again on Saturday 9 July 2022. In the spirit of the Esch2022 motto „Remix Europe“, our Equality March will exceptionally not start on Luxembourg soil, but with our neighbours on the French side of the border. This will make the Luxembourg Pride Equality March the second cross-border Pride Parade in Europe.

What can you expect?

The Equality March will really kick off the celebration of diversity and acceptance on Saturday, 9 July. On two stages for the first time, you can expect a firework of music, dance and other shows, as well as political contributions. Directly after the street festival, the official Pride Party will continue next door at the Pride Headquarters, where several events have already taken place throughout Pride Week.

On Sunday, 10 July, it’s back to business: starting with a big Rainbow Breakfast at the street festival: if Saturday was all about partying, Sunday will be more relaxed, but no less exciting. A wealth of concerts, drag shows and many other specials will make the cultural year 2022 an unforgettable experience from a queer perspective.

For many years, the most popular element of our Pride Week has been the street festival, which combines political topics with queer culture. We see the street festival as an invitation to the whole of society to celebrate the colourful diversity of living together with us.

Within the framework of the Capital of Culture programme, we not only managed to expand the street festival to two days, we also want to offer more space to queer artists with a second stage.

The programme has it all:

On Saturday July 9,  besides George Philippart, DJ Pippa will take the stage at Place Helen Buchholtz. Local headliners include CHAiLD and Edsun on the main stage. As a big highlight, thanks to the support of the city of Esch-sur-Alzette and frEsch asbl, none other than Boy George & Culture Club will get the city centre dancing.

On Sunday July 10, Daniel Schuhmacher, will return with his his mind-blowing perfomance, hopefully this time without heavy rain. The programme will be rounded off with Eurovision Song Contest participants Jendrik and two-time Song Contest veteran Poli Genova. With Leona Winter, as well as many local artists, fans of drag art will also get their money’s worth.

The complete programme will be available on the official website in the coming weeks.